Monday, December 28, 2015

Have to GO!‏

Hello Family and Friends,

Jarom on Skype Christmas Day
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! I hope everyone is having a wonderful time, I know I am! For Christmas Eve we got together with the Maimó family and shared a beautiful dinner after sharing a spiritual family home evening. Then we went to the roofs and watched the amazing firework show of an entire city. Christmas day we spent with the other missionaries making tacos, playing games, and watching Inside Out and Big Hero. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

However, I received sad news. I’m being transferred from La Prensa, Comodoro Rivadavia, to Rio Grande in La Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire). I’m really going to miss the here… There are many wonderful friends that I have made, but we do our best to stay in contact. I also have to say good bye to Elder Teixeira! My Brazilian companion has grown so much since he arrived 3 months ago. He has almost a whole mission in front of him, and I wish him the best.

The internet cut again, so I'll let you know how everything went next week! Love you all!

Elder Bartlett

I fixed my glasses, I just sewed them back together! But my tennis shoes are really falling apart... I played soccer yesterday I a have lots of blisters, but I guess I could just play less ;)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Basically Christmas‏

Hello Everyone,

This week was tranquil. We had our Christmas activity and did a little nativity. I had a lot of fun being the angel (better than having to be the star...) and I'll see if I can get a hold of some pictures.

I love Christmas. It is a time to remember the greatest expression of love in the all of history. There is magic in the air that softens our hearts and encourages to be and do good. The family comes together, the best food is served, and no one is forgotten. Love more this Christmas, and make it last all year round. Don't forget our Saviour when you take the decorations down.

Love you all! Have a wondeful holly jolly merry CHRISTmas!!!

Elder Bartlett


Mom & Dad,
Se cortó el Internet acá... sorry, I meant to say that the Internet went down right as I was about to send my email... I got busy looking at all the amazing pictures from the carribean! I think my favorite is on the horses in the water with the sun and ship in the background.

Everything is fine! I responded to one or two emails, but we got to the cyber a little late and normally between 12 and 1 the internet always crashes. Plus, the lady had to leave from the cyber we were at...

So... I prayed for your scoping, but I wasn't really sure what exactly I was praying for so I don't know if it was too effective. Very happy to hear that everything is alright, though. What is a scope?

I hope you got my other email, if not, I can call most likely the 24 from 3 until 12 (my time). If it is easier the 25 or 26 let me know please!

Hey! I got your package! I don't know if I ever told you... But thanks a ton! I am in paradise eating poptarts... I wanted to wait until Christmas to open it, but I am most likely leaving right after and I didn't want to take it with me on the travel. Plus, colleen sent the cookies to make! I'll be doing that this week.

If either of you know anything about Star Wars or have seen it, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING. I am literally dying right now, and I am trying to just ignore it. Thanks.

Have a very merry christmas! Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Bartlett

Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Week‏

Dear family and family (we're all brothers and sisters!),

This week has flown by so fast that I'm still not sure I know what happened in it. I know we had several lessons with members and a new investigator that we're absolutley wonderful. Other than that it was a lot of chatting quickly and trying to set appointments for other days with families that didn't have much time.

Oh, we also had a lot of reunions this week, one with President and Sister Rogers and the other with the zone. Both were really good. For those who aren't in my direct family, every year we usually get together and act out the nativity, the birth of Christ. I love this time a lot, but as I am not with my family, I miss it a lot. Thankfully the President organized something similar with christmas hymns, scriptures and pictures. It was awesome. I love CHRISTmas.

That's about it for this week. We're just trying to find all the families we normally teach, which is difficult due to the time of year... But I love it!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful season and has someone to share it with. If not, feel free to jump down to Argentina, we can figure something out!


Elder Bartlett

Monday, November 30, 2015


Dear Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and best of wishes to those brave souls who participated in Black Friday. Nothing happened here, but I told everyone about Thanksgiving and how they should be more grateful and spend time with their families.

Another week here in Argentina, school is ending but summer school is starting for all those who didn't pass. They go to school and take tests for about two weeks to try and improve their grades. There has been a lot of energy sapping heat from the sun and the dry climate here, but the work continues forward, regardless of all the people making their way towards the beach.

This last Sunday, yesterday, was very spiritual and didactic. We learned about sacrifice and obedience. In the combined class between relief society and priesthood I was giving the opportunity to talk about one great example of sacrifice in my life, my dear mother. She recently celebrated her birthday, and she has truly dedicated and sacrificed her years and time on this earth for her family. I like to consider myself one of the primary benefactors of her selfless service, and shared with the class how she sacrificed her time to talk with me, and share her support, advice, and love. Thanks mom.

I also would like to thank my sisters, direct and in-laws, who in their own way showed me the same support and encouragement.

And lastly, I thank my father for his example of obedience and dedication to his priesthood duties, and always taking me to do service, whether it be physical or spiritual. I thank my brothers, direct and in-laws the same, for your strength and obedience. Keep it up!

I love each and every one of you, all have made a difference in my life. Thank you.

Elder Bartlett

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!‏

Happy Birthday MOM!

You're the BEST, and I love and miss you a lot.

Below is most of my district, one sister got cut out but the camera died so I couldn't take another picture. Also the brownies you sent me I made with butter instead of veggie oil and they turned out really good, so I ate those  for your birthday! Thanks!

Mom, thanks for  always keeping me in line. Thanks for making sure I was in the places that I should be. Thanks for loving me and taking time to listen and give me advice. Thanks for being patient when I didn't listen. You are a huge example to me, and make me want to be better so that I can make you happy. Thank you for helping me get on the mission, and for supporting me temporally and emotionally, and spiritually. I hope you enjoy your special day. I'll be calling in about a month, but until then remember that I love you.

What do you wish the person with a BUMP on the head!? I wish that you and dad can prepare for the mission because it is the absolute best thing that I have ever experienced, and I want you to have the same experience. Thank you for your testimony, it really helped me understand my own testimony. I didn't want to accept that it was something so simple, but that's how it is. I feel happy when I talk about the things of Christ, and I feel bad denying them. I feel great desires to read the scriptures, more than any other book. It makes me happy and helps me love others. What more should I want? It is all true, that simple.

Have a good day Mom, and do something for you. You deserve it.

Love a lot,

Elder Bartlett

Thanksgiving in Argentina

Dear family and friends,

I would like to explain a little how thanksgiving works here in Argentina...

Yep, interesting right? I actually think with some other missionaries we are going to put something together so we aren't sad!

This week was the beggining of our second transfer together here in Comodoro! It was a very interesting week. I learned that it really is the Spirit that teaches, not us. Our job as missionaries is to do everything possible so that the Spirit is in the lesson with us, including keeping the mission rules, having a good knowlegde of the scriptures, bearing a sincere testimony, loving the people we teach, and praying for His company. We walked into this lesson like firefighters without their gear and we got burned! We luckily made it out, but the worst feeling is that we left the poor soul we were teaching behind.

That was probably one of the worst experiences I have ever had, so now I'll share some good ones! We are literally being guided every where by the Spirit and finding people to teach by miracle power. We have found from the more experienced types to young children that wanted to know what a mormon is. A man found us on the street, pulled over his truck, and told us that he had a Book of Mormon, but wasn't sure what to do now. Talk to your colleagues about the church, invite them to share with you in the joy of the gospel! Love and serve.

Now the weather... sun! I am sunburnt in the face because the one day it wasn't cloudy and rainy, I didn't put on sunscreen the sun was really strong. Plus, I got to catch up on my basketball with some other United States elders, and we taught the Argentines a little bit as well! Good times.

Enjoy thanksgiving. I am so grateful for my family and others who support me. I am grateful for the gospel in my life and the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

By the way, sorry for not writing yesterday the internet was down. Everything is fine and the work is moving forward, although it could always move with a little more speed!

Love Elder Bartlett

Monday, November 16, 2015

Good Afternoon

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

This is Elder Jarom Bartlett reporting in from the far-south Argentina, where the wind and dust never sleep. I discovered this week the refreshing sensation of having one's eyes sanded smooth. They are tender, but holding up! What a beautiful place! We have had good, moderate temperatures this week, and I have the option to wear short sleaves if I desire. The weather is good.

In general everything is going great. We had a noche blanca (white night or night in white), in the which three youngsters were baptized. Two more weeks and the family Remolcoy with their 3 kids will be baptized! Oh those sweet souls... they are so timid and quiet! We barely got out of one of them that they read the Book of Mormon and prayed, but nothing happened. I honestly was amazed that he had actually done it because... well not all that many actually read and pray! Luckily we had with us a super awesome brother from the church that was also baptized young, and shared his experience. He said that he too read, prayed, felt nothing, BUT kept trying. After several weeks, he was listening to the missionaries, and he felt something... different. He took that as his answer, and the more he kept learning and reading, the more he kept feeling this different feeling.

Everyone has an experience to share with someone. What is yours?

Friday we found out transfers, I am staying here in La Prensa, Comodoro with Elder Teixeira to baptize all the families that the Lord has guided us to. Thank you for your prayers... they are being answered.

Take care, of yourselves and one another. We are all here on this earth together far from our Father's presence, help each other get back. I love all of you back home. I'll be seeing you in 7 months!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Mom & Dad
So those silver dollars are going towards my college fund... right? ;) Ha ha no just kidding. I was thinking about that this morning with my companion... I will only have that little bit of $2000 in the bank when I get home. Why didn't I get a job!? Why didn't I listen to my parents about saving up money!? Oh well, guess I'll figure it out afterward...

I don't think I'll need to worry too much about the cavity while here, it isn't bothering me, it's small, and I'm trying to take really good care of it. I guess this is what I needed to help me figure out how important dental care is!

As for the glasses, I have my other ones and I'm too lazy to do anything about the lost screw.

I really miss the temple... I think about it a lot. Walking around in Argentina is really depressing and it is one of the thoughts that keeps me going. There are so many young kids into drugs and alcohol, families torn to pieces with the kids left homeless, dead birds and dogs, live dogs that bark at you and bite at you, dust and wind, sewage running down the street, trash everywhere, almost everything is dirt of pavement no one has grass, most peoples teeth are rotten, they are covered in scars or smell of alcohol or smoke... It isn't a nice place to live. So I focus on the temple or my home back in the states and keep on going! I am starting to understand well the phrase in the bathroom "Cleanliness is close to godliness"

The maple syrup you sent me turned out really well... thanks. The root beer not so much, mostly because of the soda here isn't the same and my limited cooking tools. The peanut butter cookies were going to be really good, but our oven is bi-polar and decided to burn the bottoms... the brownies I tried out and were not good, but I'm going to try the others with butter instead of veggie oil. I make a lot of corn bread, banana bread, and a version of peach cobler that a missionary taught me. Any other recipes or ideas for things from home that I can make here are greatly appreciated!

I love you both so much and hope all goes well with Thanksgiving! I'm going to see if we put something together as missionaries for P-day.

Love, Elder Bartlett

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bowling in Argentina!

We went bowling for Preparation Day! And I helped my companion make flan, but it deflated... still super delicious.

Bowling was really fun, President and Sister Rogers were there. We, our district, took 3rd place!

We walked a lot this week... not as many people came to church this week, but we are preparing a lot of people to come. We are teaching lots of families, but they are hard to find sometimes... Sunday was special because all the members that went to the temple came back Saturday and shared their experiences with us.

It has been good sunny weather, and the people are open and receptive!

Don't have much else to report, just working hard!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Monday, November 2, 2015


Good Afternoon! At least here in Argentina.

Before I go over my week, I would like to say that my family is AWESOME. All you you had super cool Halloween costumes and I am proud to be related to so many cool people. Here I saw maybe 3 people dressed up…

 This Sunday was absolutely miraculous. We had four investigators attend, plus three less active families. There was a beautiful spirit in the testimony meeting because almost a fourth of the ward is going to the temple this week! We are still fighting to get a temple down here in the far south because Buenos Aires is pretty far from Comodoro and it requires sacrifice to get up there.

 The rest of this week was pretty good. It has been nice and sunny, with only a few cloudy days. We can walk around in just bright white shirts (mine not-so-much compared to my new companions) and everyone else is outside as well.

 I made some home-made root beer the other day, but it came out more or less… Elder Teixeira thought it tasted like mouth wash. I liked it, but I think I put too much root beer flavoring and it was really strong, so I couldn’t drink too much. I am looking forward to finding some ice cream to make root beer floats.

 Today I have achieved 16 months in the mission! The time is going by so so so so fast. Seems like yesterday I was in the MTC... Well, there's only one thing to do, keep going! Keep seeing the hand of the Lord every day... literally every day. He truly goes before us, and is at our sides.

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Bartlett

1) An average Argentine breakfast. Malta and bread with dulce de leche (creamy carmel)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween from Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina!

Good morning family and friends!

Happy Halloween to all those back home, I'll be with you again for the next! Here they don't celebrate Halloween or thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day, but they do have the Day of the Children. Anyways, I'd love to see all of your costumes because I love Halloween and really miss it.

This week was different. Not in terms of what we did because we walked a whole ton like always, but more in people's responses. We have found a lot of people that are worried about or have seen spirits. I'll just say it was a strange week in terms of the things we've heard.

Other than that, we both have been sick with a cold... One day is super hot and sunny, and the next is freezing cold and windy.

The family Centurion that we are teaching came to church again this Sunday! Now Tamara only needs to be taught the rest of the  lessons! When we asked why she wanted to get baptized, she said she wanted the Holy Ghost. We finally got her to start reading the Book of Mormon again, but she has a hard time understanding it.

There are so many amazing people we are teaching. I love the mission, regardless of how difficult it is...

Best wishes for those back home! Eat some candy for me!

Love, Elder Bartlett

1-4) We went to Rada Tilly last P-day and saw sea lions!

5-6) We had an asado for Argentine Mother's Day!

7) We shoveled some really nasty above ground sewage for service. Yay!
Elder Bartlett & Elder Teixeira in front of the Mission Home

Elder Teixeira & Elder Bartlett

Rada Tilly

Elder Bartlett's usual pose

BBQ (Asado)
Argentina Mother's Day

missionaries cleaning up some sewer

Monday, October 19, 2015

I'm Back!

Dearest Family and Friends,

I apologize for the lack of information, or lack of email! The mission is going crazy and there are a lot of things on my mind. Going crazy in the sense that the work of the Lord is moving forward! So many miracles are happening that I can't write them all, but I'll give you a few!

We are finding so many people to teach! It is difficult to find them actually in their homes, but there are a lot! The law of fast continues being tried and true... as soon as we ended our fast everything picked up, people started actually talking to us! Thank you for your prayers at home, they are being answered. We are teaching several families that are preparing for baptism or preparing to come back to the church after many years, and I feel VERY strongly the Spirit guiding me. It is so amazing.

Sorry I forgot my camera today... next week I'll have pictures of Elder Teixeira! Super awesome elder ready to teach, testify, and baptize!

Love all you back home,

Elder Bartlett

Monday, October 5, 2015

Guess who's training?

My companion, querido Elder Souza, is going to Rawson! My old area! We didn't think anything would change... But the Lord has spoken. He also said that I am going to have charge of a brand-new, shiny Elder! I'll have more information on Thursday, I think I get more time to write because I have to leave now! Talk to you all later!

Elder Bartlett

(Elder Bartlett did not write the next week so there is a gap in dates until the next post)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Eat...Work...Sleep... Repeat

This week we went to work! Talked to a ton of people, invited a lot of people to general conference, and got rejected a lot but that's part of the work. It helps me understand even better the love that Christ has for all of us.

It rain/snowed last Monday! The rest of the week was just beautiful... Blue skies, sun, and birds singing in the trees. It was a good week.

I have "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" stuck in my head, but in Portuguese... My companion is teaching the primary.

The Walmart here is exactly the same as any other super market here. Only it has peanut butter, so basically everything is different. They sell bagged and boxed milk, mate, chorrizo, just the normal Argentine stuff!

 We have one investigator, and she canceled on us this week and didn't come to church

Pancake with maple syrup

Not really much to say, excited for General Conference, feeling down for the 3 great leaders that have passed away. Still working toward a temple in the Patagonia!

Oh, I made pancakes with maple syrup today!

Have a great week everyone. Be grateful and live happy!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Elder Souza & Elder Bartlett
PS We painted a future RM's room!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bishop for two weeks

Elder Souza and I have had an amazing week, we worked super hard, we are exhausted, but it was worth it!

Our investigator came to church again this week! And not only that, but she brought her sister, brother, cousin, and friend! It was her birthday as well. You only go to church at 10 in the morning on your birthday when you have a testimony!

Other interesting happenings on Sunday, the stake presidency randomly showed up and released the Bishop Demarco. I don't know if we have just been in a cave, or if it was a surprise to everyone else, but I had no idea. I only actually saw him in church as a bishop two Sundays, and now we have Bishop Aphowriseth. They are both great brethren and I am happy to be in this amazing ward.

Other interesting project that took place on Saturday was 2.T or MMT. Basically the entire zone, 22 missionaries, gets together with the families of a ward, and they visit all the families in that ward! It was kind of a mess, the first time we've tried it here, but awesome at the same time. Some of the families were annoyed by the visits, but others really enjoyed them.

Still here, still working, still loving,

Elder Bartlett

1) Jugando Canchita

2) Walmart in Argentina!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Snow and Birthday in Comodoro Rividavia

It snowed in Comodoro! Almost never happens.

I had a wonderful 20th birthday this last Saturday. Lots of cake and sugary goodies. We did service and cleaned up a bunch of trash in a big field by a chapel. The other ward had a baptism, and we are going to have a baptism in the future weeks! A young sister named Tamara is listening to us and she came to church yesterday. Her less-active mother accompanied her, and told us that she wants to get all of her daughters and son baptized, and even bring her husband into the church, and ultimately be sealed as a family. She has been waiting for this day for a long time, and she feels that this is their time! The ward leaders expressed their support in this great effort. We have a lot of more work to do than we originally thought!

1-3) Snow in Comodoro and my companions first experience with SNOW!

4) Some of my birthday cake

5) Cool rag my mom sent me!

6) Really windy today

7) All the elders writing their families!
Elder Sousa & Elder Bartlett

really windy day
Birthday cake
Elders writing their families
wash cloth

Monday, September 7, 2015

Stake Conference, sick, Mission dream‏

Dear Family and Friends,

It is the end of Week 2 here in Comodoro Rivadavia and finally my welcoming gift arrived! I've been fighting with some type of food poisoning since Friday morning... Yay! The wind has also started picking up. Lots of dirt and sand in mis ojos!

On a happier note, this week was Stake Conference. It was very nice. They talked a lot about keeping the sabbath day holy and faith. I really admire one of the counselors that spoke in several of the meetings because of the way that he talked about the gospel. He was clear and precise. He used scriptures, but in a way that fortified his teaching. I could just tell that the gospel was part of him. I want that. They also had a very nice choir, which made me miss home.

A fun story, we found a sister here that is coming out of inactivity and preparing to go to the temple! Go rightousness! We helped her neighbor, another member, put up her trash pole! I don't have any pictures of that, but I do of our little pension.

Have a great week everyone!


Elder Souza
Elder Bartlett

Monday, August 31, 2015

Comodoro-La Prensa‏

Dear Family and Friends,

This is Elder Bartlett reporting from Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina! I am in a part of this massive city called La Prensa. It is rather humid, probably because it rained for the first two days I was here. That made all the streets turn into mud, and we had just a jolly time! I prefer the rain because when it doesn't rain, there is a rather ridiculous amount of wind find with rocks and dirt. Overall I am enjoying it! Everyone has been super nice!

My companion is Elder Diego Souza from Sao Paulo, Brazil! I'll send a picture next week because my camera seems to have miss-placed it's battery... He is going for a major in music, and he plays the piano like a maniac! He is also almost tri-lingual with Portoguese, Spanish, and English.

I happened to walk right into an "Open Chapel" that the zone carried out this last Saturday. Normally not too many people show up, but I had to opportunity to talk to 4 or 5 people about baptism as they came through on their tour of the chapel. People really do have a lot of questions about life! One man asked, "How do I know which church is true?" What?! It was a wonderful night.

Yesterday was multi-stake conference and we had the pleasure of hearing from Elder Hales and Elder Cook. They put lot of stress on keeping the sabbath day holy.

I think that's about it, I need to take apart my bed again. I'll let ya'll know more when I actually get out in my own area and have a Sunday with my ward because next week is stake conference!

Love all of you, big Argentine kiss on the cheek!

Elder Bartlett

Monday, August 24, 2015

So Close... and still not too far‏

 I have bad news and good news. The baptism did not happen *really depressed face*. However, I have a very good feeling that it will happen in the future! She is so wonderful and has a very strong testimony of Christ's love. It is hard to realize the huge change it takes to become a member of this great church. It isn't simply a matter of walking into a font and being dunked in water. To take upon one's self the name of Christ is a gigantic step that requires preparation and a literal changing of the heart. Baptism is only the beginning. This amazing change, the miracle of conversion, is an on going process throughout our lives. In the moment it may seem difficult, but in the end it is the easiest, happiest, and best way to live, and the only way to live that allows us to return to our heavenly home.

Enough of my preaching, I just want people to understand the importance of how we live our lives. It rained SO MUCH this week. We also discovered a leak in our roof... not my problem, now! I am off to Comodoro Rivadavia! My bus leaves today around 3. Leaving Rawson has been one of the most depressing things I have done in my entire life. I really love all the people that we have taught here, especially the members... they have a special place in my heart. Every time I say that about something I feel like I am kicking someone out of my heart, but in reality my heart is just getting bigger. 

Anyway, Comodoro is known as the "Wind Capital" of the Patagonia, so we'll see if I have any hair left after this. It is also supposed to be snowing... YAY! Being here for a year I think I have the weather kind of figured out. Summer is hot and dry, Fall is cold and dry, Winter is cold and wet, and Spring is less cold but more wet. Wind all year round. In Winter and Spring everything turns into mud. Oh how I love my home for 2 years!

1) Tamara, our investigator, is on the right of me. Her sister and niece, and her mom

2) The super wobbly bridge that we often used and that overlooks the Chubut River

3) Family Lopez! They have a son on the mission in Mexico

4) Laura y Imanol Lopez my little buddies!

5) My cardboard Mexican Sombrero!

6) My district! The Hermana with the purple jacket finished her mission and returned to Chile.

That is all for now! I let everyone know how Comodoro is, and my Brazilian companion!

Love, Elder Bartlett 

Monday, August 17, 2015


This week was super fast, but action packed! We have permission to baptized our investigator, Tamara, this Saturday if she thinks she is ready!! In our last lesson she asked when she could go to the temple... she is going to be a blessing to anyone that she comes in contact with! So amazing!

Other than that, I feel like everything is inferior. Health is well, weather also. Life is good.

1) What? Only in Argentina

2)Sunset Selfie

3)Elder Thrasher (Snowflake, Arizona) and me with a sketchy bridge behind us

Monday, August 10, 2015

My Birthday Twin!

Hello dearest family and friends!

This week has abounded in tender mercies! Last week I mentioned an investigator that got burned at work, well that day we visited her and she asked "So, when can I get baptized?" WHAT?! She is so wonderful. She tells everyone to read the Book of Mormon and defends the testimony she has received like a lioness! We made the goal for her to be baptized the 12 of September (my birthday!) and we all promised to do everything we could to make sure she gets there. Then, she came to church for the first time yesterday, and loved it! All the lessons were about the temple, so she is really curious about that!

Also, on Saturday we were knocking doors and a kind elderly woman open the door and exclaimed,"It's been such a long time! I am so glad you finally made it all the way back here." She told us that missionaries were visiting her about 2 years ago, but they disappeared and she has been waiting for them to come back ever since!

Randomly on Sunday a bunch of brothers and sisters that we haven't seen for a long time showed up at church! Our neighbors are listening to us, so many people with needs and desires to know God have started opening their doors, Rawson has opened it's heart to the work! And I leave in 2 weeks...

Amidst all of this locura, it has been raining almost everyday (lightly), and I have been sick with a cold of sorts. I wake up exhausted every morning and barely manage to crawl into my bed every night, but I feel more accomplished than ever before. The promises of the Lord are true. If we put in our part, He will fulfill His. Now I just have to keep going! Thank you for your words of inspiration and prayers, they are being answered. I feel a divine strength beyond my own.

Relating to more temporal things, Argentina just had their pre-elections and will have finally elections in October so things will be crazy for the next 2 months. Also, dogs are crazy here. Yesterday we walked by a dog peacefully 2-3 times, but the fourth time it went berserk and almost took a big hunk of my leg home for dinner. I've been bit twice in my mission on the ankle, but it didn't really hurt thankfully, I was just upset because they ripped holes in my pants...

Any questions or concerns, please ask. I'd love to tell you all about Argentina but I don't know what is all that interesting, so let me know!

Love all you great children of God back home!
Love, Elder Bartlett

1) Chocolate chip cookies in ARGENTINA!! Thanks mom :)

2) Snicker Doodles in ARGENTINA!! Super duper delicious, thanks mom again!

3) Rock and Roll Apple
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Elder Lyman & Elder Bartlett

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hola Todos,

This week was interviews with President Rogers. It was really good! It also got a bit colder. I walked in mud for the first time in a long time because it finally rained!

We had a rough time this week finding people, and we actually lost an investigator. The time of the Lord is critical. We spent too much time on unimportant things and he lost interest. He is a wonderful soul and we still have a great relationship, but he has asked us to stop coming by.

On the brighter side, we had Sombrero Party! Tons of members and one of the sister's investigators showed up! We had a great time and my companion won the Ugliest Sombrero award while I won Most Mexican. I try and get a picture of it.

That's all I think for this week! Have a great one!

Elder Bartlett
 More pics of Sister and Elder Missionaries

my suit with my tag and my country