Monday, November 30, 2015


Dear Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and best of wishes to those brave souls who participated in Black Friday. Nothing happened here, but I told everyone about Thanksgiving and how they should be more grateful and spend time with their families.

Another week here in Argentina, school is ending but summer school is starting for all those who didn't pass. They go to school and take tests for about two weeks to try and improve their grades. There has been a lot of energy sapping heat from the sun and the dry climate here, but the work continues forward, regardless of all the people making their way towards the beach.

This last Sunday, yesterday, was very spiritual and didactic. We learned about sacrifice and obedience. In the combined class between relief society and priesthood I was giving the opportunity to talk about one great example of sacrifice in my life, my dear mother. She recently celebrated her birthday, and she has truly dedicated and sacrificed her years and time on this earth for her family. I like to consider myself one of the primary benefactors of her selfless service, and shared with the class how she sacrificed her time to talk with me, and share her support, advice, and love. Thanks mom.

I also would like to thank my sisters, direct and in-laws, who in their own way showed me the same support and encouragement.

And lastly, I thank my father for his example of obedience and dedication to his priesthood duties, and always taking me to do service, whether it be physical or spiritual. I thank my brothers, direct and in-laws the same, for your strength and obedience. Keep it up!

I love each and every one of you, all have made a difference in my life. Thank you.

Elder Bartlett

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