Monday, March 28, 2016

Rio Grande Argentina "He is there"

Sorry, we didn't have much time last week to write... This week was very sad, but also amazing! Sad because Elder Boyd is headed out to Puerto Madryn! He left today at 8:30... Sometime in the next couple days Elder Andreason should be here to be my new companion.

This week was miracle week! Out of no where an investigator in Tolhuin got married and the next day was baptized! Then by surprise President Rogers called and told the sisters that one of their investigators could get baptized! She had a rough travel towards baptism and had to leave behind her homosexual lifestyle, but she said that she felt so good after. You could see the light in her eyes and the love that she was filled with. It was beautiful.

Well friends, 3 more months. Time to sprint ;)

This week I received the absolute confirmation that God hears and answers our prayers.

Exhibit A

Monday night we were walking home, everything had failed that day, no one was home. We decide to use up what little time was left to talk to at least two more people. The last door we knocked on opened and, to our great surprise, let us in. We grew even more surprised as the woman who owned the house explained that she didn't believe in God. Okay... We began to teach, and she offered to read. When she asked questions, she accepted our answers. She did everything that someone who doesn't believe in God doesn't do. Why?

The second visit her sister was present and explained to us the depth of this woman's unbelief. Her sister explained that often she would yell out and accuse God of not helping her, of not filling her home with food or sending someone to do so. One night after a long day she yelled, "Where are you?" Then we knocked on the door. We testified of that we have a Father in Heaven that loves us, and that He sent His Son to save us. We testified that The Son of God suffered for our sins, died, and resurrected! I know my Savior lives, and I know God hears my prayers.

Exhibit B

We prayed to see penguins... and we saw PENGUINS!!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Elder Bartlett & Elder Boyd

Monday, March 14, 2016

Algunos Asuntos

Mom & Dad,
I actually just got all the papers to buy tickets to go home, so I'm in charge of filling everything out. The interview I'll ask President Rogers about, but I imagine he knows considering more than half the mission is going to BYU after! I'll see almost everyone after the mission!
Leadership Council (Elder Bartlett in the back row, middle, blond with glasses)
I am currently serving as the Zone Leader of Rio Grande, that's why I'm always sitting on a bus...
Thanks for always sending me pictures, it really keeps me going. You are the only ones that really write me anymore, but you do it so well that I am satisfied with just your emails!


Elder Bartlett


aludos a Todos,

Elder Bartlett here with some grand news! Ignacia Villa was baptized and confirmed this weekend! The water was a little cold, but the Spirit warmed everyone up!


2 Nefi 4:35

 35 Sí, sé que Dios dará liberalmente a quien pida. Sí, mi Dios me dará, si no pido impropiamente. Por lo tanto, elevaré hacia ti mi voz; sí, clamaré a ti, mi Dios, roca de mi rectitud. He aquí, mi voz ascenderá para siempre hacia ti, mi roca y mi Dios sempiterno. Amén.

He is my rock. He is my anchor. He is my power. I can do whatever He asks of me because He will help me, strengthen me, and show me the way. He loves me, and He loves all of my brothers and sisters.


Elder Bartlett
Ricardo & Ignacia

Elder Boyd & Elder Bartlett on right

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Ignacia gets baptized this Saturday by her husband, Ricardo. It was so special when we asked her who she wanted to baptize her, she asked him, and he asked us if he could. We said yes, and he started crying... This Saturday will be so cool! I'll make sure I get pictures ;)

Sorry for writing late, we had a meeting in Comodoro Rivadavia, and had to travel from Monday morning until last night. I can't feel my back, but my spirit is strong!

This last sunday, we had the biggest Gospel Essentials class I have ever seen! Seven people were there investigating, plus returning less-actives. Rio Grande is growing! I honestly wouldn't mind staying here to finish my mission... I just might!

Not much to tell, the work here is going great! Dreaming of home, but trying to stay focused and finish well.

Love to all those back home and spread across the world!

Elder Bartlett