Monday, February 29, 2016


Queridísimos Brothers and Sisters,

I have a big anouncement! Ricardo and Ignacia got married! Ricardo is from Peru and has been a member for a few years. The missionaries started visiting Ignacia and she let the message into her heart, and started making changes! It was a long battle, but after several years, they finally got everything together and now she will be baptized the 12th of March by her husband who received the priesthood this Sunday! We are also working with their son, Marcelino. They are such a cool family!

In other news, Elder Bednar is touring South America, and we had a satelite transmission with him on Tuesday. It was the most remarkable experience I have ever had. It was a meeting that was completely guided by the Spirit, free of... It's hard to describe. He set up a situation where we were able to interact with him and he didn't KNOW exactly where we would go, but simply followed the Spirit and we all learned togeher. He truly is a man called and inspired of God to guide us in these days.

Shout out to my nephew, Eli, and neice, Lydia, for their baptisms! I am so proud of you! Also to my nephew, Matthew, for his birthday and receiving the priesthood!

Lots of Argentine love,

Elder Bartlett

Monday, February 22, 2016

A temple attending people

I don't have much time because the internet cut, but I just want everyone to know that Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is on FIRE with the SPIRIT!

We are convinced that it is due to the renewed spirit to attend the temple. Many have the goal to go and be sealed, take names of ancestors, and make a great sacrifice of time and money. Keep your eyes fixed on the eternities! Remember that eternal life is the greatest gift that of Heavenly Father offers us. Be a temple attending person.


Elder Bartlett

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Bus Terminal

I'm not sure where I live anymore, in my pension or in the bus terminal! This last week was insane with transfers... All the highways are complicated with the wind and political demonstrations, but everyone made it safely to their new areas. The hand of God revealed right before out eyes!

So many people came to church yesterday! Ignacia and Ricardo are going to get married! He is returning to activity and she is super excited to get baptized! They have a son that recently got here from Paraguay and he is also listening to us and came to church! But they left after Gospel Essentials...

This awesome investigator, Mara, also came with her sister-in-law that is member. She went to young womens and loved it! Two new elders, Elder Fred and Elder Cruz, came to help us with the harvest here in Rio Grande, so we split our area and they are in charge of her.

They are also teaching the two cutest little girls! Veronica and Valentina Bobadilla are the daughters of an active family, but the father wanted to wait until the new chapel opened. They are going to get baptized the 27th! WOO HOO! They came up to me in church and asked, "Are you going to come to our house today?!" It was sad to try and explain that we aren't in charge of teaching them... But we will be there for their baptism!

Besides the craziness with transfers, it was a great week! Hope everything is well up north! Go BRONCOS!

Love, Elder Bartlett

P.S. I promise pictures when I get an adapter for my SD card...

1) New Years!

2) All the missionaries that I got here with, except one

3) Argentine Baconator

4) Elder Bartlett and Elder Boyd - The Gringos

5) The Box

6) We made hamburgers, fries, and mac 'n cheese!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Exhanges and Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,

I have written a lot about how God exists and loves us. This week, I would like to share how He manifests His love and power yesterday, today, and forever.

Today is transfers and four elders left for the north. They left at 10:15 this morning, and about 2 hours later we get an urgent call asking us what we want to do with a missionary that got left at the border of Argentina and Chile. Uhh... well... what? This missionary recently arrived here, but with several miracles, we got all the documentation to the frontera, he paid a fellow traveler, and he caught up with the bus at the other border... Wow. So that is why I don't have much time to write.

I'm staying here in Rio Grande with Elder Boyd. Woo Hoo!!

In short, miracles literally happen everyday. Look for them!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Mom and Dad,

I miss snowboarding! That snow honestly looks fantastic, even though it stopped Ryan and MJ, because it is hot here! Sometimes... (Elder Bartlett misunderstood our email, Ryan & MJ had a blast snowboarding!)
Jacobs package of straight poptarts got to me ;) Very delicious!

Monday, February 1, 2016

World Wide Family

Dearest Loved Ones,

There was a baptism on Saturday! My companion and I got to go to Tolhuin, a very beautiful city close to Rio Grande, and watch a little girl get baptized. She was so cute and filled with a desire to follow Christ. Also, one Elder Lowe made absolutely delicious brownies. I don't know which one was sweeter, them or the baptism.

It is rather complicated to explain, but I am in Trelew, a city close to where I was in Rawson. Anyway, to get here I had to take a plane. On said plane, I found myself next to a beautiful family, mom, dad, and the most adorable little girl I have ever seen! She was very excited to fly and was curious about everything she found. I always learn something watching younglings because they truly act from the heart. In the row next to us was a little boy, bigger than she was, that was groaning and moaning because he was scared, and his mom couldn't seem to comfort him. This little girl, Isabel, couldn't speak a whole lot, but with her little finger she pointed at him and looked very worredly at her parents as if saying, "Help him." Most people on a plane are simply annoyed by crying children. Most kids usually get scared and start cying as well. I'll admit, I was one that was annoyed, but Isabel's reaction surprised me. How many times do we see people in their problems or worries and simply ignore them or move further away? We think that it isn't our problem. I know I have.

Are we not all part of the same eternal family? Aren't we all brothers and sisters spread across the world? Isn't the same Eternal Father of all giving us the chance to grow in love? We are all children of God, and we are all here to help each other out!


Elder Bartlett

PS  It has been pretty mild weather down in Rio Grande because it's summer in a winterland, but we just got off of a plane up in Trelew and it is running 90 degrees! By the way, this morning we took a bus down from Rio Grande to Ushuaia and I got to see my first area again! Ha ha but we went straight to the airport to go to Trelew. We have a meeting in Comodoro tomorrow and we leave on the bus tonight.

Yes, that is my new companion in the picture. Have I not sent a picture of us yet?!

Speaking of prices and economy, everything here in Argentina is SUPER expensive. The prices have tripled since I got here. The mission is probably going to incease of monthly assignation again soon.

That's it for now I guess. Have a lovely week!


Elder Bartlett