Monday, May 30, 2016

Level Up

Greetings to all,

I feel the mission is like a video game... Once you get familiarized with level one, you beat it and move on to level 2. But level 2 is impossible! You mess around with it for a awhile, figure it out and move on to level 3, but it's ridiculously impossible!! Ha ha now that I feel like I have things in the mission kind of figured out, we had a crazy week with some tough people that just did not want to accept what we are teaching...

Basically, do everything you can now :) Do NOT think, "One day when I'm better, I'll do it." That day will never come. We're not supposed to feel prepared for trials, we're here to learn how to trust in God. Have confidence that He is there to help, and jump in with both feet! I know He'll catch you when you fall.

Going home soon! Working until the end!


Elder Bartlett

Elder Bartlett's reaction to hearing about his parents mission call.


I literally almost jumped up and did a little dance when I read your email!!! NEW ZEALAND!!!! I'm so happy for you!! Don't even worry, both of you will do great!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Super Week

Hello... it's us. Hello from the outside! We must have knocked a thousand times!

If you're a missionary you'll understand ;)

Hi family and friends!

Yesterday we finished up with another "Super Week in His Footsteps." It was an amazing week, with lots of ups and downs... But this Saturday Lourdes Cuellar should be getting baptized! WOO HOO! Her family all recently got baptized, but she is a little more stubborn. It amazes me what the Spirit can do when people let Him into their hearts.

I will tell you one of the miracles this week since I don't have much time and there are so many to tell! We  were on our way to buy some yummy lunch, when I was moved upon by the Spirit so strongly I almost tripped. I stopped a young man in the street that didn't seem to have any particular destination. It turns out that he had recently arrived in Caleta from the Dominican Republic, and he was just getting to know the town. He offered to sit on a near-by bench and listen to us. He is on a great quest - to live the truth. He has been to many churches, but none of them convince him. We shared our testimonies with him and invited him to church. To my great surprise, he showed up the next day! He asked a lot of great questions and we stayed after talking and sharing more. He is such a great kid, and he has had a rough history. He is extemely intelligent, but needs to leave some room for the Spirit. I hope he will continue meeting with us. He has potential to do amazing things.

Be worthy of the Spirit. Look for the potential in those around you.

I love you ALL!

Love, Elder Bartlett

1) The beginning and the end of the mission ;)

2) Me riding a gigantic trout!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Caleta Olivia with Elder Quintanilla

Saludos a todos mis amigos y familia!

It has been a long and irregular last two weeks... Happy be-lated Mothers Day! I talked to my two beautiful parents that are getting ready to take my place in the mission field! Amazing...

The Lord has called me off the island and sent me to Caleta Olivia with Elder Quintanilla from Peru. I arrived, taught one lesson, and Viviana Gongora got baptized 4 days later! Others and ready to get baptized in the next few weeks! A little tender mercy from above to help me finish strong. I might come back a few pounds heavier though with how well my companion cooks and how much food we get...

Well... I'll be seeing everybody in 5 weeks! It's time to get back to work!


Elder Bartlett

PS Everything is great, at the current rate I think my shoes will fall off of my feet as I am getting off the plane!

Monday, May 2, 2016

A week in His footsteps

This week was amazing! We did a huge activity as a mission called "A week in His footsteps." Bascically, do everything you can to be like our Saviour. I sacrificed eating all sweets, and I almost couldn't do it! I realized how addicted to eating sugary things I am... It was an amazing week filled with lots of miracles. This week we find out if I stay or go. Also, I get to call my beautiful parents for mothers day!

I'll share one of my miracles that just melted my heart.

In the evening of "super day" we did divisions with the Elders Quorum President and his son. I went with the son, Leo, and all of our appointments fell through. So I decided I'd give him some mission experience and do some contacts! We had some pretty rough "shut-downs", a few maybe interested people, and the tenth door we knocked we said, "God loves you," and she let us in! We taught them, Leo shared his testimony of many principles, and they accepted a baptismal date! After accepting, they even said, "We've never been baptized, and we also want to get married!" As we left, Leo asked if everyday was like this. I simply said, "It can be."

I love the mission!

Elder Bartlett

Notice we received this week

Dear Bartlett Family,

Hi, this is Elder Stewart from the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission, just writing to let you know that your son Elder Jarom Bartlett will be completing his service as a full-time missionary and returning with honor June 22. Attached is the information relating to his flights, which has also been sent to President Sabey. We appreciate the service that your son has given during the past two years, and all the support you have given as a family. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email or to call us at one of the numbers listed below.

I actually had the opportunity to serve with Elder Bartlett as my zone leader. He is a great missionary. Just so you know.

  Elder Stewart
Secretario del Presidente
MisiĆ³n Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia