Monday, May 23, 2016

Super Week

Hello... it's us. Hello from the outside! We must have knocked a thousand times!

If you're a missionary you'll understand ;)

Hi family and friends!

Yesterday we finished up with another "Super Week in His Footsteps." It was an amazing week, with lots of ups and downs... But this Saturday Lourdes Cuellar should be getting baptized! WOO HOO! Her family all recently got baptized, but she is a little more stubborn. It amazes me what the Spirit can do when people let Him into their hearts.

I will tell you one of the miracles this week since I don't have much time and there are so many to tell! We  were on our way to buy some yummy lunch, when I was moved upon by the Spirit so strongly I almost tripped. I stopped a young man in the street that didn't seem to have any particular destination. It turns out that he had recently arrived in Caleta from the Dominican Republic, and he was just getting to know the town. He offered to sit on a near-by bench and listen to us. He is on a great quest - to live the truth. He has been to many churches, but none of them convince him. We shared our testimonies with him and invited him to church. To my great surprise, he showed up the next day! He asked a lot of great questions and we stayed after talking and sharing more. He is such a great kid, and he has had a rough history. He is extemely intelligent, but needs to leave some room for the Spirit. I hope he will continue meeting with us. He has potential to do amazing things.

Be worthy of the Spirit. Look for the potential in those around you.

I love you ALL!

Love, Elder Bartlett

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2) Me riding a gigantic trout!

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