Monday, May 30, 2016

Level Up

Greetings to all,

I feel the mission is like a video game... Once you get familiarized with level one, you beat it and move on to level 2. But level 2 is impossible! You mess around with it for a awhile, figure it out and move on to level 3, but it's ridiculously impossible!! Ha ha now that I feel like I have things in the mission kind of figured out, we had a crazy week with some tough people that just did not want to accept what we are teaching...

Basically, do everything you can now :) Do NOT think, "One day when I'm better, I'll do it." That day will never come. We're not supposed to feel prepared for trials, we're here to learn how to trust in God. Have confidence that He is there to help, and jump in with both feet! I know He'll catch you when you fall.

Going home soon! Working until the end!


Elder Bartlett

Elder Bartlett's reaction to hearing about his parents mission call.


I literally almost jumped up and did a little dance when I read your email!!! NEW ZEALAND!!!! I'm so happy for you!! Don't even worry, both of you will do great!

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