Monday, February 15, 2016

The Bus Terminal

I'm not sure where I live anymore, in my pension or in the bus terminal! This last week was insane with transfers... All the highways are complicated with the wind and political demonstrations, but everyone made it safely to their new areas. The hand of God revealed right before out eyes!

So many people came to church yesterday! Ignacia and Ricardo are going to get married! He is returning to activity and she is super excited to get baptized! They have a son that recently got here from Paraguay and he is also listening to us and came to church! But they left after Gospel Essentials...

This awesome investigator, Mara, also came with her sister-in-law that is member. She went to young womens and loved it! Two new elders, Elder Fred and Elder Cruz, came to help us with the harvest here in Rio Grande, so we split our area and they are in charge of her.

They are also teaching the two cutest little girls! Veronica and Valentina Bobadilla are the daughters of an active family, but the father wanted to wait until the new chapel opened. They are going to get baptized the 27th! WOO HOO! They came up to me in church and asked, "Are you going to come to our house today?!" It was sad to try and explain that we aren't in charge of teaching them... But we will be there for their baptism!

Besides the craziness with transfers, it was a great week! Hope everything is well up north! Go BRONCOS!

Love, Elder Bartlett

P.S. I promise pictures when I get an adapter for my SD card...

1) New Years!

2) All the missionaries that I got here with, except one

3) Argentine Baconator

4) Elder Bartlett and Elder Boyd - The Gringos

5) The Box

6) We made hamburgers, fries, and mac 'n cheese!

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