Monday, February 29, 2016


Queridísimos Brothers and Sisters,

I have a big anouncement! Ricardo and Ignacia got married! Ricardo is from Peru and has been a member for a few years. The missionaries started visiting Ignacia and she let the message into her heart, and started making changes! It was a long battle, but after several years, they finally got everything together and now she will be baptized the 12th of March by her husband who received the priesthood this Sunday! We are also working with their son, Marcelino. They are such a cool family!

In other news, Elder Bednar is touring South America, and we had a satelite transmission with him on Tuesday. It was the most remarkable experience I have ever had. It was a meeting that was completely guided by the Spirit, free of... It's hard to describe. He set up a situation where we were able to interact with him and he didn't KNOW exactly where we would go, but simply followed the Spirit and we all learned togeher. He truly is a man called and inspired of God to guide us in these days.

Shout out to my nephew, Eli, and neice, Lydia, for their baptisms! I am so proud of you! Also to my nephew, Matthew, for his birthday and receiving the priesthood!

Lots of Argentine love,

Elder Bartlett

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