Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Week‏

Dear family and family (we're all brothers and sisters!),

This week has flown by so fast that I'm still not sure I know what happened in it. I know we had several lessons with members and a new investigator that we're absolutley wonderful. Other than that it was a lot of chatting quickly and trying to set appointments for other days with families that didn't have much time.

Oh, we also had a lot of reunions this week, one with President and Sister Rogers and the other with the zone. Both were really good. For those who aren't in my direct family, every year we usually get together and act out the nativity, the birth of Christ. I love this time a lot, but as I am not with my family, I miss it a lot. Thankfully the President organized something similar with christmas hymns, scriptures and pictures. It was awesome. I love CHRISTmas.

That's about it for this week. We're just trying to find all the families we normally teach, which is difficult due to the time of year... But I love it!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful season and has someone to share it with. If not, feel free to jump down to Argentina, we can figure something out!


Elder Bartlett

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