Monday, December 21, 2015


Mom & Dad,
Se cortó el Internet acá... sorry, I meant to say that the Internet went down right as I was about to send my email... I got busy looking at all the amazing pictures from the carribean! I think my favorite is on the horses in the water with the sun and ship in the background.

Everything is fine! I responded to one or two emails, but we got to the cyber a little late and normally between 12 and 1 the internet always crashes. Plus, the lady had to leave from the cyber we were at...

So... I prayed for your scoping, but I wasn't really sure what exactly I was praying for so I don't know if it was too effective. Very happy to hear that everything is alright, though. What is a scope?

I hope you got my other email, if not, I can call most likely the 24 from 3 until 12 (my time). If it is easier the 25 or 26 let me know please!

Hey! I got your package! I don't know if I ever told you... But thanks a ton! I am in paradise eating poptarts... I wanted to wait until Christmas to open it, but I am most likely leaving right after and I didn't want to take it with me on the travel. Plus, colleen sent the cookies to make! I'll be doing that this week.

If either of you know anything about Star Wars or have seen it, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING. I am literally dying right now, and I am trying to just ignore it. Thanks.

Have a very merry christmas! Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Bartlett

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