Monday, November 16, 2015

Good Afternoon

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

This is Elder Jarom Bartlett reporting in from the far-south Argentina, where the wind and dust never sleep. I discovered this week the refreshing sensation of having one's eyes sanded smooth. They are tender, but holding up! What a beautiful place! We have had good, moderate temperatures this week, and I have the option to wear short sleaves if I desire. The weather is good.

In general everything is going great. We had a noche blanca (white night or night in white), in the which three youngsters were baptized. Two more weeks and the family Remolcoy with their 3 kids will be baptized! Oh those sweet souls... they are so timid and quiet! We barely got out of one of them that they read the Book of Mormon and prayed, but nothing happened. I honestly was amazed that he had actually done it because... well not all that many actually read and pray! Luckily we had with us a super awesome brother from the church that was also baptized young, and shared his experience. He said that he too read, prayed, felt nothing, BUT kept trying. After several weeks, he was listening to the missionaries, and he felt something... different. He took that as his answer, and the more he kept learning and reading, the more he kept feeling this different feeling.

Everyone has an experience to share with someone. What is yours?

Friday we found out transfers, I am staying here in La Prensa, Comodoro with Elder Teixeira to baptize all the families that the Lord has guided us to. Thank you for your prayers... they are being answered.

Take care, of yourselves and one another. We are all here on this earth together far from our Father's presence, help each other get back. I love all of you back home. I'll be seeing you in 7 months!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Mom & Dad
So those silver dollars are going towards my college fund... right? ;) Ha ha no just kidding. I was thinking about that this morning with my companion... I will only have that little bit of $2000 in the bank when I get home. Why didn't I get a job!? Why didn't I listen to my parents about saving up money!? Oh well, guess I'll figure it out afterward...

I don't think I'll need to worry too much about the cavity while here, it isn't bothering me, it's small, and I'm trying to take really good care of it. I guess this is what I needed to help me figure out how important dental care is!

As for the glasses, I have my other ones and I'm too lazy to do anything about the lost screw.

I really miss the temple... I think about it a lot. Walking around in Argentina is really depressing and it is one of the thoughts that keeps me going. There are so many young kids into drugs and alcohol, families torn to pieces with the kids left homeless, dead birds and dogs, live dogs that bark at you and bite at you, dust and wind, sewage running down the street, trash everywhere, almost everything is dirt of pavement no one has grass, most peoples teeth are rotten, they are covered in scars or smell of alcohol or smoke... It isn't a nice place to live. So I focus on the temple or my home back in the states and keep on going! I am starting to understand well the phrase in the bathroom "Cleanliness is close to godliness"

The maple syrup you sent me turned out really well... thanks. The root beer not so much, mostly because of the soda here isn't the same and my limited cooking tools. The peanut butter cookies were going to be really good, but our oven is bi-polar and decided to burn the bottoms... the brownies I tried out and were not good, but I'm going to try the others with butter instead of veggie oil. I make a lot of corn bread, banana bread, and a version of peach cobler that a missionary taught me. Any other recipes or ideas for things from home that I can make here are greatly appreciated!

I love you both so much and hope all goes well with Thanksgiving! I'm going to see if we put something together as missionaries for P-day.

Love, Elder Bartlett

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