Monday, November 2, 2015


Good Afternoon! At least here in Argentina.

Before I go over my week, I would like to say that my family is AWESOME. All you you had super cool Halloween costumes and I am proud to be related to so many cool people. Here I saw maybe 3 people dressed up…

 This Sunday was absolutely miraculous. We had four investigators attend, plus three less active families. There was a beautiful spirit in the testimony meeting because almost a fourth of the ward is going to the temple this week! We are still fighting to get a temple down here in the far south because Buenos Aires is pretty far from Comodoro and it requires sacrifice to get up there.

 The rest of this week was pretty good. It has been nice and sunny, with only a few cloudy days. We can walk around in just bright white shirts (mine not-so-much compared to my new companions) and everyone else is outside as well.

 I made some home-made root beer the other day, but it came out more or less… Elder Teixeira thought it tasted like mouth wash. I liked it, but I think I put too much root beer flavoring and it was really strong, so I couldn’t drink too much. I am looking forward to finding some ice cream to make root beer floats.

 Today I have achieved 16 months in the mission! The time is going by so so so so fast. Seems like yesterday I was in the MTC... Well, there's only one thing to do, keep going! Keep seeing the hand of the Lord every day... literally every day. He truly goes before us, and is at our sides.

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Bartlett

1) An average Argentine breakfast. Malta and bread with dulce de leche (creamy carmel)

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