Tuesday, November 24, 2015

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!‏

Happy Birthday MOM!

You're the BEST, and I love and miss you a lot.

Below is most of my district, one sister got cut out but the camera died so I couldn't take another picture. Also the brownies you sent me I made with butter instead of veggie oil and they turned out really good, so I ate those  for your birthday! Thanks!

Mom, thanks for  always keeping me in line. Thanks for making sure I was in the places that I should be. Thanks for loving me and taking time to listen and give me advice. Thanks for being patient when I didn't listen. You are a huge example to me, and make me want to be better so that I can make you happy. Thank you for helping me get on the mission, and for supporting me temporally and emotionally, and spiritually. I hope you enjoy your special day. I'll be calling in about a month, but until then remember that I love you.

What do you wish the person with a BUMP on the head!? I wish that you and dad can prepare for the mission because it is the absolute best thing that I have ever experienced, and I want you to have the same experience. Thank you for your testimony, it really helped me understand my own testimony. I didn't want to accept that it was something so simple, but that's how it is. I feel happy when I talk about the things of Christ, and I feel bad denying them. I feel great desires to read the scriptures, more than any other book. It makes me happy and helps me love others. What more should I want? It is all true, that simple.

Have a good day Mom, and do something for you. You deserve it.

Love a lot,

Elder Bartlett

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