Monday, August 10, 2015

My Birthday Twin!

Hello dearest family and friends!

This week has abounded in tender mercies! Last week I mentioned an investigator that got burned at work, well that day we visited her and she asked "So, when can I get baptized?" WHAT?! She is so wonderful. She tells everyone to read the Book of Mormon and defends the testimony she has received like a lioness! We made the goal for her to be baptized the 12 of September (my birthday!) and we all promised to do everything we could to make sure she gets there. Then, she came to church for the first time yesterday, and loved it! All the lessons were about the temple, so she is really curious about that!

Also, on Saturday we were knocking doors and a kind elderly woman open the door and exclaimed,"It's been such a long time! I am so glad you finally made it all the way back here." She told us that missionaries were visiting her about 2 years ago, but they disappeared and she has been waiting for them to come back ever since!

Randomly on Sunday a bunch of brothers and sisters that we haven't seen for a long time showed up at church! Our neighbors are listening to us, so many people with needs and desires to know God have started opening their doors, Rawson has opened it's heart to the work! And I leave in 2 weeks...

Amidst all of this locura, it has been raining almost everyday (lightly), and I have been sick with a cold of sorts. I wake up exhausted every morning and barely manage to crawl into my bed every night, but I feel more accomplished than ever before. The promises of the Lord are true. If we put in our part, He will fulfill His. Now I just have to keep going! Thank you for your words of inspiration and prayers, they are being answered. I feel a divine strength beyond my own.

Relating to more temporal things, Argentina just had their pre-elections and will have finally elections in October so things will be crazy for the next 2 months. Also, dogs are crazy here. Yesterday we walked by a dog peacefully 2-3 times, but the fourth time it went berserk and almost took a big hunk of my leg home for dinner. I've been bit twice in my mission on the ankle, but it didn't really hurt thankfully, I was just upset because they ripped holes in my pants...

Any questions or concerns, please ask. I'd love to tell you all about Argentina but I don't know what is all that interesting, so let me know!

Love all you great children of God back home!
Love, Elder Bartlett

1) Chocolate chip cookies in ARGENTINA!! Thanks mom :)

2) Snicker Doodles in ARGENTINA!! Super duper delicious, thanks mom again!

3) Rock and Roll Apple
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