Monday, August 24, 2015

So Close... and still not too far‏

 I have bad news and good news. The baptism did not happen *really depressed face*. However, I have a very good feeling that it will happen in the future! She is so wonderful and has a very strong testimony of Christ's love. It is hard to realize the huge change it takes to become a member of this great church. It isn't simply a matter of walking into a font and being dunked in water. To take upon one's self the name of Christ is a gigantic step that requires preparation and a literal changing of the heart. Baptism is only the beginning. This amazing change, the miracle of conversion, is an on going process throughout our lives. In the moment it may seem difficult, but in the end it is the easiest, happiest, and best way to live, and the only way to live that allows us to return to our heavenly home.

Enough of my preaching, I just want people to understand the importance of how we live our lives. It rained SO MUCH this week. We also discovered a leak in our roof... not my problem, now! I am off to Comodoro Rivadavia! My bus leaves today around 3. Leaving Rawson has been one of the most depressing things I have done in my entire life. I really love all the people that we have taught here, especially the members... they have a special place in my heart. Every time I say that about something I feel like I am kicking someone out of my heart, but in reality my heart is just getting bigger. 

Anyway, Comodoro is known as the "Wind Capital" of the Patagonia, so we'll see if I have any hair left after this. It is also supposed to be snowing... YAY! Being here for a year I think I have the weather kind of figured out. Summer is hot and dry, Fall is cold and dry, Winter is cold and wet, and Spring is less cold but more wet. Wind all year round. In Winter and Spring everything turns into mud. Oh how I love my home for 2 years!

1) Tamara, our investigator, is on the right of me. Her sister and niece, and her mom

2) The super wobbly bridge that we often used and that overlooks the Chubut River

3) Family Lopez! They have a son on the mission in Mexico

4) Laura y Imanol Lopez my little buddies!

5) My cardboard Mexican Sombrero!

6) My district! The Hermana with the purple jacket finished her mission and returned to Chile.

That is all for now! I let everyone know how Comodoro is, and my Brazilian companion!

Love, Elder Bartlett 

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