Monday, September 21, 2015

Bishop for two weeks

Elder Souza and I have had an amazing week, we worked super hard, we are exhausted, but it was worth it!

Our investigator came to church again this week! And not only that, but she brought her sister, brother, cousin, and friend! It was her birthday as well. You only go to church at 10 in the morning on your birthday when you have a testimony!

Other interesting happenings on Sunday, the stake presidency randomly showed up and released the Bishop Demarco. I don't know if we have just been in a cave, or if it was a surprise to everyone else, but I had no idea. I only actually saw him in church as a bishop two Sundays, and now we have Bishop Aphowriseth. They are both great brethren and I am happy to be in this amazing ward.

Other interesting project that took place on Saturday was 2.T or MMT. Basically the entire zone, 22 missionaries, gets together with the families of a ward, and they visit all the families in that ward! It was kind of a mess, the first time we've tried it here, but awesome at the same time. Some of the families were annoyed by the visits, but others really enjoyed them.

Still here, still working, still loving,

Elder Bartlett

1) Jugando Canchita

2) Walmart in Argentina!

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