Monday, January 25, 2016

The New Building‏


Yesterday we re-dedicated the chapel of Rio Grande. It is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen, especially here in Argentina, but even back in the States. It is nice. I will get a picture of it to everyone soon.

This last Wednesday we had a really cool opportunity to hear from some of the 12 apostles and 70's who are in charge of missionary work. They had a live, world-wide transmission discussing how to "Teach Repentace and Baptize Converts." My favorite part was when Elder Oaks reviewed everything at the end and talked about how we cannot achieve the hightest glory that our Heavenly Father has prepared without the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and we cannot have access to that Atonement without living all the principles of the gospel. We must develop faith, we must repent and change, we must be baptized, we must receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and we must keep doing those four things all throughout our lives in order to have access to Christ's Atonement. How true that is. How much God loves us.

He really does love us, and it is amazing to find those people that want to express their love to Him in return. On Friday, we were on our way home to end the day, and a 17-year old kid that we had contacted calls us and says he is waiting outside of our pension to be taught. What?! So we go, set up some chairs behind our little wooden home, and teach this young man about Joseph Smith's prayer and the Book of Mormon. It is absolutely freezing cold, but he doesn't even care. He is listening so intently, telling us how it all makes sense and wanting to know more. It couldn't get any better... until he tells us that he is leaving for two weeks to Brazil... He says that he is going to bring his Book of Mormon with him, and I hope that he actually reads it. Either way, that was an amazing experience and I am grateful that Someone is listening to my prayers.

I know everyone is now asking, "Elder Bartlett, how is it cold? It's the middle of summer in the southern hemisphere." I too have asked myself that very question. Summer is only a dream here. It's basically Antarctica, cold, windy, and harsh all year round. It wasn't quite snowing, but there were several days this last week that we got drenched by slush rain. No one let us in... But I still love them all! I just wish they knew what I know, and getting upset doesn't help me share that.

Have a great week, and try to be a little better. Every day is a blessing from God, we should thank him by changing at least one small thing.
A funny post we found on Facebook of some missionaries


Elder Bartlett

Jarom and his compainion with the Sanchez's and with Martin Israel Meretta, an elder that his older brother Nathanael Bartlett served with when he was a missionary in Resistencia Argentina.  It a small world indeed!

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