Monday, January 18, 2016

The Bad Cake gets Baptized?‏

Greetings to family, friends, and fellow missionaries across the world!

I have some more to say about that greeting later, but first I have to explain the subject. We found this family, Villalobo (Wolf Village), that has been listening to the missionaries for 27 years, and we started teaching them again. At first they accepted what we said, but after our third visit it was clear they were not going to change. We told them we couldn't keep coming by, but they love the missionaries and want us to keep come by all the time, so they made us a really delicious cake (for reals one of the best cakes I have ever eaten) to try and tempt us. But they simply don't want to change.

Then, last week we met this man that is from northern Argentina, here looking for work. We start talking to him and he lets us in and we share with him Joseph Smith's experience and the Restoration of the gospel. He likes it and wants to know more, even though he is involved in the Evangelical Church. He gives us a really dry, flavorless cake. We come back for the second lesson and he accepts baptism and to read the Book of Mormon and pray! Guess I should pay more attention to people's cake.

So when we went the visit Gabriel, the bad cake man, we were doing something called Super Day. Basically a day were the whole zone decides to work as hard as they possibly can. At the end of the day, between 15 missionaries, we had talked to 215 people about the church, taught 38 lessons, and 4 people had accepted to get baptized! It was a day of miracles.

How real is God, no? There are hundreds of family and friends all over the world that believe and testify of the same Great Creator and Father of All. Can this simply be a human imagination? Can it be that millions of people world-wide for thousands of years have been following a myth? No. This is real. The world tries to hide it from us with all it's distractions, stress, media, false lifestyles, etc. If we simply take time to think, pull our heads out of the craziness, and look at the world, for me I see two things: what man has accomplished and what God has accomplished. His existence is very obvious. His accomplishments surround us, constant and beautiful. Man's accomplishments come and go, some are ugly, all are imperfect. God tells us everyday that He exists and that He has a purpose for us, do we listen?

Have an awesome week everyone!


Elder Bartlett

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