Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekly Dec.29, 2014


This week was great. We spent Christmas with the familia Kahuasiri, eating tons of meat and pan dulce. By the way, all of you who have ever complained about fruit cake, you are wrong! There is very very very delicious fruit cake here. Also something really good called pionono. We made corn bread to share, and that was really good, too. It was just a nice relaxing time to get to know the family better.

The next day, Christmas Day, was the best! We got on bus at 7 (calculating how late we were out the night before, showers in the morning, and walking to the bus; we got 3 hours of sleep) and went to party with the rest of the missionaries in our Zone over in Rio Gallegos! We played dodgeball, soccer, football, ate, did a white elephant gift exchange (I ended up with an alfajor and a mini cooper), and watched Frozen (in spanish).  It was a great time, and we might get to go back on New Years this week.

President Rogers spent his Christmas here in Calafate, so he showed up at our church on Sunday! Luckily we were only 30 seconds late. He gave a wonderful lesson about the Good Samaritan, and how we need to 1) Recognize the needs of others 2) ACT 3) Follow through, and offer any other assistance that is needed or desired.  Open your eyes this holiday season. There are people that need your help, and you CAN help them.

It sounds like so many exciting things are happening! Nannette's moving, selling the house, ward and stake splitting, and New Years! Elder Eakle said that's what his parents did to go on their mission in Puerto Rico. They packed all their stuff up and stored it for when they return. I'll have to ask him for their email, but he's sleeping right now. Thank you both so much for the reassuring emails. I still have my ups and downs, but it is always good to have something hopeful and positive to focus on.  All is well here. The work is a little bit slow, but we are planning to get down to business. I really want my mission to be a turning point in my life. Before, I was really irresponsible and didn't really care about anything, and never really tried hard to accomplish much. Everything I did have was either luck or someone else helped me a lot. I want my mission to be a thing between me and the Lord. I want to get to know Him better, and put 100% of my trust in Him. My hopes are high, and I feel good.

We are for sure doing skype for mothers day, and just mom and dad
I built a closet!
Elder Eakle in our bathroom

finished closet to the left
bus ride!

. I don't even feel like I talked to anyone, just saw a bunch of pictures and heard random voices... Our family is too big! It was nice to see everyone, though.  
Say hello to everyone!  I got Mary Joyce's package on Christmas morning!
MJ's package, it had pics of Christ all over the outside

Have a wonderful New Years, I hope everyone has someone to pass the fiestas with.

Love, Elder Bartlett

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