Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weekly Dec. 17, 2014

Sorry I didn't write on Monday, I was on a bus! We found out transfers on Saturday and I left Monday morning at 5am. I am now in Calafate "C" with Elder Eakle! He was in Ushuaia with me just two transfers ago, so we already know each other pretty well. It's going to be an awesome but super tough transfer. I only have 1 transfer since my training and he only has 2. We're not really sure what we're doing, but we will move forward with faith!

I said good bye to all my investigators that need to get married, and exhorted them to push onward and get married so they can be baptized and receive the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost to bless their lives, and the lives of their families.
Elder Bartlett at Chile checkpoint

The last Sunday before I left was amazing. We had a less active help us go and get an investigator from off the mountain that attended church for the first time. Plus we had Noelia attend, plus Hno Alfonso! That makes 2 less actives and 2 investigators attending from our area... well my old area.

It was quite the adventure arriving here in Calafate. It started with the bus ride at 5 in the morning, we went through several checkpoints, one of them being to enter Chile. I met some Israelites traveling to Calafate as well. They were talking in Hebrew while I was waiting in line to buy a super massive empenada. They thought I was from Argentina because of my amazing accent, which normally I would be very proud of, but one of them didn't even speak Spanish... Anyways, we have to cross into Chile and then cross a strait, so the bus gets on this giant boat! It's pretty cool, and one of the elders said the saw dolphins one time. I didn't see anything.
Bus on the boat

We finally arrived at Rio Gallegos at about 5pm, where everyone I came up from Ushuaia with got on another bus and left for Comodoro or other cities further North. The problem is, the bus people were really upset for whatever reason, and only let everyone take 1 bag. So we, the zone of Rio Gallegos, about 4 elders and 4 sisters, with the help of wonderful members, had to haul everyones 2nd and 3rd bag to the zone leader's house and wrap them up in plastic (still not really sure why we did that, something about so people don't steal from them). We did that until about 12pm, but had a great time whilst working. Bought some hot dogs and bread! Kicked a soccer ball around for awhile! And passed out in the cockroach-infested pension.

Plastic wrapped suitcases
I got up at 6, loaded all the bags back up to take to the terminal, and at some cookies and facturas for breakfast. Right before I left around 9am, the missionaries heading to Ushuaia showed up and I got to see my MTC companion Elder Dunford! I guess he's been robbed 3 times, but also has 5 baptisms. With sacrifices comes blessings!
Elder Dunford in middle from Provo MTC

Elder Eakle in Ushuaia
After another long bus ride, I finally arrived in Calafate with Elder Eakle. We made some delicious fried chicken, bought me a pillow, and went to bed!

Well, I'll let ya'll know more about my area on Monday, Chau!

Love, Elder Bartlett
Oh! here's some pictures from Ushuaia!

 1) Alejandro, Shirly, Agustin, Melody 2) Ramiro, Noelia, Flavio, Yulisa 3) Branch Christmas Party!

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