Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekly Sept. 30

Hola Everyone,

This week has been amazing! So many miracles I can hardly believe it. Starting with some smaller ones, I found my oil container that my father gifted to me! I lost it for a little bit, but prayed and it is back in my possesion. Another small victory is that my soccer skills have been improving! I scorred three goals yesterday during P-day! By the way, I didn't write yesterday because the zone leaders told us it was a holiday and nothing would be open... I don't know where they heard that, but it wasn't true. Anyway, that's why I'm writing today.

Moving on to some cooler miracles, I am feeling great! I am happy basically all the time and I am not full of energy, but I am not exhausted either! I truly believe it is because of many prayers, and the fact that I know I have been doing my best. I really am starting to feel love for everyone out here, and at home! It is amazing. And for the grand finale... Spanish has arrived! I was sitting in church on Sunday, and all of a sudden I realized that I was understanding everything people were saying! There were obviously words I didn't know, but all the words I did recognize I was able to make sense of and understand what people were saying! It makes me want to jump up and do a little victory dance, but I will resist. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am making progress!

Sunday night we were tired from the day and we only had about 1/2 hour to work (it takes 1 hour to get out to our area and back so it is hard to motivate ourselves to get out when its only 7 or later). It was snowing and windy and cold, but we forced ourselves up the mountain to go see an investigator, but she was busy. As we walked solemnly home, I noticed a house that we had tried many times before to contact had lights on and the generator running. Let's knock on it! We found a very happy and kind mother that said we could come back any time, she'd love to hear our message. As we continued back down the mountain, feeling much better, I saw another house that we had knocked on with no answer. It looked dark and quite, and we were about to pass it up. I wanted to knock on it, so I did! And we found another daughter of God, wondering why were were walking around in the dark, cold snow. She, too, said we could return another time. It was amazing to see that when we just get out and about, God can bless us with miracles.

Thanks to everyone for all the support! It is obviously helping. Watch General Conference this weekend!!

Love Elder Bartlett
Elder Bartlett & Elder Sirrine

Our District

Zone with President & Sister Rogers

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