Friday, September 26, 2014

Hola Everyone,

Not much has gone on this week, except it's the beginning of my second transfer! I also got bit by a dog yesterday. It kind of sucked a lot, but I'm great! (this what his companion said about the dog bite) my comp got bit by a dog yesterday on the walk to lunch. The dog was barking at his ankles and we tried to warn him that he was going to get bit but he didn´t hear or pay attention and then he got bit on the ankle and has a tear in his pants.  Now he knows to never turn his back on a dog that you don´t know. 

Just to clear up some confusion, mayonesa is mayonnaise. It's different, though. It tastes so much better! We eat that with everything basically, as evidenced by these 1) Delicious tacos that I ate 13 of.

Something weird, I have been having dreams of chocolate chip cookies almost every night. All I want is a warm, fresh, doughy right out of the oven cookie.That and honey, peanut butter, peach-O's, and good chocolate because most of the chocolate here makes you kind of sick.

This week we have been teaching the MMA fighter, Alejandro! He is a super boss, yet is also super spiritual. He amazes me. He and his wife would already be baptized if they were married, and he could get to church. However, marriage costs money, and he has deformed feet that complicate his getting up and down the mountain. We're are going to see if we can't get a member up to his house with a car. He is also looking at some new surgical operations that are recently available. He has some crazy experiences with the "dark" side of life, but he has decided that he doesn't want that life anymore. I really hope we can help him make it to the waters of baptism and send them on the path to seal their beautiful family together in the temple.

Well, see ya'll next week!

Love, Elder Bartlett

Oh ya! I had another birthday cake!

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