Monday, September 15, 2014

Lost Track of Time

Hola Everyone,

I apologize for last week! I was writing people and thinking back on my week, and next thing I knew it was time to go! I will fill you all in on the key events of the last 2 weeks. We have had three birthdays in our zone, and two hump days!

So sometime last week we were contacting up on the mountain, and we saw this tiny house we walk by pretty often. I wanted to go check it out, so we walked up the stairs and the door was wide open. When I said, "Hola?" this guy turned around and almost ran into me! He invited us in, and after falling through a broken seat several times, we found out there was two pals sitting around drinking wine. They were totally out of it, but extremely willing to listen to our message. We taught the first lesson, and gave them both Books of Mormon to read! The one guy kept grabbing my hand and saying how cold it was, so eventually he rubbed it down and held it for a really long time to warm it up. What a sweet man...

In addition to my first encounter with drunks, I cut hair for the first time! My companion, Elder Sirrine, bought hair clippers and we cut each

others hair! Neither one of us turned out very well, but I am usually wearing a hat and it was't too bad, so I don't really mind.

We celebrated my birthday with 1) Oreo pancakes! Dulce de leche, and milk. Super amazingly delicious... I was also blessed with a cake, candles, and a song from one of our investigator families! It's been a fun week.

In church yesterday they reorganized everything, and we're not sure who our ward mission leader is because he was moved to counselor to the stake president! Our branch president was released, and his counselor was made president. This made most of the missionaries happy because our old branch president refused to talk to any of us... We have a hard time connecting to the members here, they don't seem to want anything to do with missionary work. All you at home, help the missionaries! Ha ha it's rough without their support.

2) We made tacos this week with our district! I kinda burnt my fingers trying to flip the tapas, but it was a fun learning experience.

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