Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 3

Hello All,

This week has been kind of weird. We were supposed to have conference and interviews with President Rogers on Tuesday, but he got snowed-in at Rio Gallegos. We didn't find that out until half way through the conference, so we just kind of sat around. Then on Thursday he randomly showed up and we had to cancel our whole day! So teaching and work in general was rough this week. We did have a few cool lessons, though, and I shared the first vision for the first time! I think people really see that we care about them, and want to help them. At least that's what I gather when a total stranger lets us into her house, and a few minutes later she is crying while telling us her life's story. It has really motivated my to work harder on my Spanish because I want to bring the happiness and joy of the gospel that I know has blessed me to these people. Most of the snow has melted, and I am trudging and sinking in mud... everything is just mud! I'm not sure how other missions are, but here in Argentina, the life blood of a missionary is mayonesa. I have it with every meal, as evidenced by 1) My breakfast this morning. The next two are our pension when he had our district over for some rice and hamburgers and mayonesa! Which is a meal I eat just about every day. 4) A five-star hotel we went to today. That's it for now! Wait actually if you want to see some more, my companion Elder Sirrine has a blog! So look him up and I might be on there! Also, he has received packages, so I guess if you want to risk it, go ahead. He said to avoid perishible items or something, and they used flat rate boxes. Anyway, that's it! Love you all! Tell people to write me! If they're not getting emails its because I don't have they're emails!

Love, Elder Bartlett

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