Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Oct. 6

Argentine greetings to all!

This week was absolutely amazing! Mostly because of conference. Please, if you have not yet, watch conference! It will touch your heart and fill your soul with the spirit! My favorite talk was be Richard G. Scott. His love for all of us was nearly tangible. I didn't want conference to end!

I learned a lesson this week. Don't listen to gossip! Also don't start it, but that's for another time. My companion was recently made district leader, he was extremely stressed out but is now doing a great job leading Monte Olivia! Anyway, as district leader he is in charge of doing divisions, so on Friday I said good bye and got to work in my area with another elder. I had prayed mightily the night before because I had heard terrible things about this elder, and wanted to have a good, productive day. I learned so much on Friday. This elder showed me how to be more natural in contacts, and how to start teaching. I watched his amazing example of how to teach with power, testimony, and the scriptures. Forget what other people say, that elder is now one of my heroes! I don't want to start ranting, but seriously before you even think about thinking badly about someone else, remember your own nothingness. And watch Elder Uchtcdorf's talk.

Today was our most eventful P-day yet! Instead of just sitting around in the chapel all day, we hiked a mountain as a zone! Super fun, super muddy and yet, and super cold, but super worth it. Near the end, as we were coming down the mountain, I decided I wanted to run the rest of the way. I picked up speed pretty fast, and then I hit the mud patch. Hey mom, the really nice missionary bag you bought me also functions as a sled! Who would have known?!

Until next week, God be with you. I love you all, and I expect all of you to listen or read one of the conference talks before you write me, so I won't be too discouraged if you don't get to me. I know the words of the prophets will pull you right out of all your other thoughts and concerns. Listen carefully to their testimonies.

Love, Elder Bartlett

WAIT!! Pictures. 1) How I do general conference in Argentina. That's a bowl of noodles and a hunk of chicken. 2) Us hiking the mountain 3) Viva Argentina!! 4) Orange Crush, the official sponsor of slip 'n slides mountain sides united

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