Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Oct. 20th

Hola todos de mis amigos,

This week had it's highs and lows. I will stick with the highs, mostly. One low though, I erased all my pictures on my camera! So I only have some from today. Apparently it only takes two buttons on my camera to do that.  An elder said he might be able to get them back, but we'll see! Other things... All the buttons on the outer layer of my Mr. Mac's coat fell off (doesn't really effect usage, just annoying). My gray suit pants have a hole in them because of the dog that bit me. I also have a hole in my boots (I will probably just wear them though the next transfer because the whole in on top and everything is really expensive here). I took out some money from my personal card (Bought some gloves a couple weeks ago and took out money for tourism we might do). It should be only about 700-800 pesos (no idea how that translates into dollars). My top retainer fell out this week (I don't have any problems, there is just the "glue" left over on the back of my teeth).

Anyway, Friday was an amazing day. We went out in the morning to go check on a man we had previously contacted, and he said he had a couple seconds. We were there for an hour. His wife was able to join us, and we had an amazing discussion about his family and beliefs, then we taught and testified of the restoration of the gospel. I could feel the spirit so strongly as I bore my testimony of the scriptures and prayer. This man, Osmar, really is searching for the right path, and as he allowed us to show him the way, my heart truly opened up and I felt the joy I believe our Heavenly Father would feel as one of his lost children returns. We had three other similar lessons that day, and it was interesting to hear in each one, at one point or another, the testimony investigators bore about God's existence or love. We didn't say anything, they brought it up themselves.

Ffweeoo... I think everything is going okay. My head is kind of spinning with all the stuff that's going on,  but I am just fine physically and spiritually. I am learning so much! Thank you so much for all the support, and essentially for this opportunity to be here. It was Dia de Madre yesterday, so Happy Mothers Day in October, MOM!!
mother's day gifts?
Elders Bartlett & Sirrine

I have learned so much this week, I don't even think I can write it all down. I have had so many questions of my soul answered as I truly offered up the desires of my heart to God, then went and studied, meditated, and acted. I have had a change in my heart as I prayed about others. None of it was easy though. This week has been terribly difficult to stay focused, to work, to care about others. The growth I have experienced did not come without resistance.

I feel like I'm starting to ramble, the point is no one is ever past the point of progression. Get on your knees and pray to God with all of your heart. Talk to Him as if He was there because I know He is there. Then, listen.

Love, Elder Bartlett

NOT! We had investigators in church this week! And here are some pictures of the Playa Larga we went to today!

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