Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy General Conference Soon!

Happy Monday Everyone,

I am here in the converted pizzaria chapel in El Calafate with my companion, Elder Russell, and we are having just a super relaxed preparation day. We talked with two people from California, and a Hindo woman from India! Super cool.

Elder Bartlett
I had the wonderful opportunity to give a talk yesterday with about 10 minutes to prepare. I don't know who all has read the Principles of the Gospel book, but just so everyone knows it is amazing! I didn't stutter too bad, and overall I think I got a solid B-!

Nothing too crazy happened this week... just a baptism! It wasn't ours, but it was magical all the same. I really felt the spirit testifying that it was what God wants us to do in this life.

Have a great week everyone, love you all!

Elder Bartlett and Elder Russell
Love,  Elder Bartlett

Mom & Dad
I'm so happy everything went well with the talks! I know exactly what you mean, dad. I had to give a talk as well but only had about 10 minutes to plan it out. Everyone said it turned out well, but maybe I just misunderstood their Spanish! Ha ha it was a cool experience, though.  Here in Argentina, 8 people in a house like ours is like living in a mansion. It's usually about 10 living in 2 rooms and maybe a bathroom, but there is also those who have pretty nice houses with 4 or 5 rooms and there are only 3 of them. Just depends.  Everything is good down here on the southern front! I finally got a letter! That I wrote to you... and it came back. It made it to the US, but then says that it could not send as addressed. What?! I'll write a new one soon and try to make the address as clear as possible!

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