Monday, January 26, 2015

Almost 7 months

Well we had quite a good week this week, the last week that I would be with Elder Eakle. He left this morning and now I am awaiting my new companion, Elder Flores, on Tuesday. 

We put another baptismal date with an investigator named Martin. He really liked the Plan of Salvation, and he said we answered a lot of questions he has always had. Bad news is, he works so much we will barely be able to find him... But with faith and pray comes miracles!

Also, randomly we got informed that a less active and investigator were getting married last Friday, so now we can get the wife baptized! She is so energetic about the church that she really jump started her husband, and he is beggining to take more responsibility for being the father and patriarch of the house. He is curious about how family home evenings work because he wants to teach his two children about the gospel. A lot of good is coming from that family.

Sunday we had some really good meetings, but I liked most the principles of the gospel class. I feel an awful lot like Nephi because I really joy in the plainness of the gospel. The principles of the gospel class is very basic, but it holds the plain and precious beauties of the gospel that I often overlooked. For example, yesterday we talked about the Creation. Take one look around you. Everything is a gift from God! Every breath you take, every heart beat, your eyes, your ears, your family and friends, the beauty of nature are all gifts from a loving Father in heaven. What does that mean to me? That means for all the joy and love and life that God gives me, I can give a portion back by doing what He asks, by helping Him reach out to His other children, my brothers and sisters, that are lost and need what little light I have to offer as a guide.

I love all you back home, and wish you all the best! Don't forget God, He hasn't forgotten you.

Love, Elder Jarom Seth Bartlett

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