Monday, February 2, 2015

This Stuff Really Works!

So this week, week one of the transfer, usually a terrible week when nothing gets done, was absolutely amazing. We have found so many new investigators and put 3 baptismal dates, with the possbility of 5 total! In these lessons, talking about the Plan that God has for us, talking about how because He loves us He restored His church and brought His power back to the earth, talking about how we can apply the principles of the gospel in our lives and become clean, new, and make it back to live with our Father in Heaven... I don't ever want to leave. I just want to teach these people, my brothers and sisters, all there is to know! All the tremendous blessings that God has in store for us, I can't even express my amazement and gratitude!

I would like to talk a little bit about how I arrived at this overwhelming feeling, and how you too can "[feel] to sing the song of redeeming love." Yesterday, I was thinking about how I got here, in the mission. We have been testifying of the basic principles of the gospel that lead to conversion: reading, pondering, praying, going to church, all the primary answers. But they are more than primary answers, they are the BASIS OF WHAT WE BELIEVE, the FOUNDATION OF OUR FAITH IN CHRIST. These precious tools that have been given to us are not suggestions, they are requirements for eternal salvation.

When I look back, all of my prayers have been answered, every single one that I have ever prayed fervently for. He is listening. We prayed and fasted to find investigators that are ready to teach, He heard us, and He will hear you as well. God loves every one of us, and I love every one of you, so let's get out there and get harvesting!

It's okay if you started laughing during this email, sorry I'm a little ridiculous sometimes, but take it for what it is. I'll see ya'll next week.

Love, Elder Bartlett

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