Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Don't be a groove thrower

Sorry I guess I forgot to mention who my companion is... His name is Elder Flores and he is from Chile! I would send a picture, but I'd be sitting here for the rest of the day.

This week was interesting. I spent a lot of time with other missionaries and in other areas because my companion left for Rio Gallegos to do tramites (to receive his citizenship in Argentina), and then we went to Rio Gallegos ourselves for zone conference. After the zone conference we did a tsunami! Basically the whole zone goes and contacts in one area. It was a great experience, and I think just about everyone got into one house and taught. The hermana we found was called Doris, and by the end of the lesson she was crying! She accepted to offer the closing prayer, and ask God if what we taught was true. It was so sincere, and I felt the love of our Heavenly Fath - *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* "Hey is my kid here?!" "Hey! Have you seen my daughter?!" Wow. Totally just threw off my groove.

I hope she has the opportunity to pray in a more private place.

Yesterday was super cool! Elder Vinas, the member of the seventy in charge of our area, came to visit us, right here in El Calafate! He really wants us to be thinking about how we can apply the atonement in our missions, and how it has helped us. So I ask all you back home, "What affect has the atonement had in your life?" Every leader of the church that I have met with on the mission always talks about the atonement, and with good cause. It is the single most important event that ever occurred in the history of this earth, and it is the only way to make it back to our Father in Heaven.

Well have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Bartlett

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