Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello All,
This is Elder Bartlett, calling in from the Provo MTC West Campus. All is well in the training center! The food is good and in great abundance. I am learning more and more Spanish everyday along with growing miles in the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a LIVE investigator, named Antonio, that we've already taught 3 lessons to! They say investigators are usually actors... but if this guy is an actor, then he is the best actor I have ever met. Apparently he does't speak ANY English, so our lessons are entirely in Spanish. However, our last lesson with him was beautiful. He was wondering how the atonement was possilble; how one man could suffer for everyone's sins. As a district, we slowly answered pieces of his question, but my companion, Elder Hooton, and I prayed fervently and through the Holy Ghost, taught of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's perfect love for all of us. It was physically hot in that room, and I don't think it was just bad air conditioning, although that is an on going problem. I love the MTC! We watched a devotional given by Elder Bednar on the Character of Christ that completely changed my life, and my way of thinking. Also, last night we had Elder Neil L. Anderson come to us live, and teach about the workings of the Holy Ghost. Everything is making so much sense, and as I open my heart to learning, I can feel myself expanding and receiving personal revelation. My district and my companion and everyone is great here! I am the District Leader for our band of four elders and four hermanas (sisters). We are all capable of singing, though maybe not good at it, and we're auditioning for a special performance! We sang in the choir for last nights devotional. Elders Dunford (not associated with donuts), Graves, and Hooton; and sisters Ferrel, Sahleen, Rasmussen, and Kiel. Let you know more later, gotta go! Love everyone! Write me letters or email me, I'd love to hear from you!
Elder Bartlett

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