Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Two More Weeks

Hello everyone,

It is my second to last preparation day! I got to go to the temple, and, as always, it was fantastic! Then we went to Jamba Juice and Burger Supreme down at Bringham's Landing. It's part of our campus! This week has been frustrating. Spanish is not coming along fast enough, and I'm leaving in less than TWO WEEKS! I also don't feel like I know enough about the lessons. We taught two people this week. One was our teacher, and the other was a real investigator. Both first lessons were terrible. I didn't feel the spirit at all, and we were just talking at them. We adjusted our approach, and the second lesson with the real investigator was much, much better. It was more of a discussion and both us and the investigator were learning. Inspired questions really are a must in teaching. They allow people to open up and share their life experiences with you. You learn to love people the more you get to know about them. Which is probably the hardest thing for me because you ask them something, and if they're passionate about it, then they explode in machine gun Spanish! Its a real struggle. I am definitely not going to have a fun first little bit out in the mission field, but it will be the most learning I will ever experience. Sorry! I forgot my camera again... I will for sure bring it next week because that will be my last chance before the field! All is well at the CCM West Campus in Provo. Except for there seemed to be a lack of letter flow... Someone should probably fix that. Please, feel free to write me! I love hearing from you, even if it's just a tiny bit. Well, I've got to go finish my laundry. Love and miss you all!

Elder Bartlett

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