Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekly Update

Hola Everyone,

This is Elder Bartlett calling in from the CCM (MTC)! Our district has been through a lot this week. My companion needed to take care of some things back home, so he left on Thursday. We are all very happy he made this decision, and know that it's the right thing to do. He will try to come back next May. I am now in the tri-companionship with Elders Dunford and Graves, both great missionaries and wonderful examples. Elder Graves has taken my position as district leader, and I look forward to his leadership. Hermana Grenfell, going to Spain Madrid, has joined our district. She is still working out some travel paper work or something while the rest of her district has left for the field. Sad, but we're glad to have her. Got to go to the temple today! We did sealings because Elder Graves has never done them before, and it was spectacular. We had a wonderful man there who kept pausing to ask us what things meant and I learned so much. The spirit was very strong, and my testimony of eternal families definitely grew. Go to the temple if you can, its the best. Stanley G. Ellis, a member of the seventy,spoke to us last night for the Tuesday devotional, or rather his children spoke. He had each of his 6 or 7 (I lost count) children get up and talk about their missions, and what they learned. They had very strong testimonies and wonderful insights to share. They got me so excited to go out and serve! Even though I wouldn't know how to teach anything. I will learn! I am working as hard as I can...most of the time. Just a quick story, before the devotional during choir, I met another missionary sitting next to me. I excitedly asked him where he was going to serve, and he quietly muttered, "South Jordan, Utah." I happily told him how fun that must be, but he did NOT share the same enthusiasm. During the devotional, I felt like everything was being said directly to this elder who sat slouched in depression next to me. I wanted to yell, "Are you writing this down?!" It makes me sad to see elders so down about their missions. They are so concerned about themselves and the so-called "success" of their missions. We are bringing the love of Christ to all nations! I love what one of the returned missionaries said about Jacob 5.This isn't OUR work. Its not our vineyard, nor our fruit. It is the Lord's work, and we should do all that He asks of us. We represent Him. I often have a hard time relying wholly on the Savior. Missions aren't easy, and I'm not even in the field yet. However, I love it! There's no place I'd rather be. Another thought on the "South Jordan Elder," those who get called state-side or to Utah, are very important. Salt Lake City is the root of our church, and it needs to be nourished by full-time missionaries. Don't let anyone get down because they think their going to a crappy mission. There aren't any crappy missions! Missionaries are needed everywhere! Anyway, that's all for today; I have to go finish my laundry. Write me! Tell how things are! Tell other people to write me! Love you all!

Elder Bartlett, signing out.

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