Monday, May 4, 2015

So Close!

We almost were about to have a baptism this Sunday. Our investigator, a cousin to a member-family that he has been staying will here in Rawson, wants to go back to his home in Trebelin, and explain to his mom what he is doing. She doesn't understand what is happening, and is afraid for her son. So he is going to go home, show her how much he has changed (a ton), and explain to her what had brought this wonderful change about. I just pray he comes back.

It really has been amazing to see the difference the gospel and the atonement has made for this person. He came from a dark life, and has completely changed. I see a light in his eyes, and he has a great hope for the future.

That is what the gospel does. It gives you hope, it gives you purpose, it shows you that anything is possible if we put our trust in God. It isn't easy, but it is so worth it.

I am doing well with Spanish, my problem isn't that I don't understand, it's just that sometimes I don't listen. I find it really hard to focus, so I miss stuff sometimes. I zone out pretty often because the people here, bless their souls, just talk and talk and talk. It helps because we know everything they are going through, but it puts me to sleep!

All of my things are holding up for now. I try to keep my shoes in good condition. I've been putting my mattress on the floor because the head and foot boards make it difficult to sleep comfortably.

In all, I'm am doing well. I feel really good and hopeful for the future. I had a little break down about 2 weeks ago, and was doubting everything, but a talk about faith in the Liahona and a little video I believe my companion had really helped me out.

I love everyone back home! Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated, and much needed. Have a great Mothers day, to all those great mothers out there. The future depends on you!
Elder Bartlett and a dog in El Calafate

Hey Dad you still need to take me hunting, and you both still owe me a surfing lesson in Hawaii! Ha ha!

Love, Elder Bartlett

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