Monday, May 18, 2015

Rawson Argentina, sick Sarmiento

Hello my good people,

I apologize for not writing last week. My companion was sick, the cyber was closed, and I talked to my parents the day before so... sorry I figured the most important was already covered for the week! By the way, my companion is not sick anymore, he is feeling much better.

Speaking of calling, Happy Be-Lated Mother's Day!! To all you great mothers out there that have made a huge difference in my life and in the world! To be a mother is a sacred obligation not to be taken lightly and to be respected by all.

Today was really cool. We recieved word that the sister missionary that taught my companion lives in Puerto Madryn, a city close to our area. So with permission from the president, we searched her out and happily surprised her with a visit from her convert of 14-years past! She was very grateful. We also took some cool pictures while looking for whales that we never found... oh well.

The baptism that we almost had left back to his home. He was just visiting his aunt in Rawson, but has since moved back to Trebelin. I hope and pray he still gets baptized.

Due to my companion's illness, we couldn't leave the pension for a week. After making banana bread, budin de pan, cleaning everything, and helping my companion, I got bored. I started reading the Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel,     and listening to conference. I learned so much! My testimony grew leaps and bounds, but I soon realized I still lacked something. For as much as I knew all the things I was learning, I was able to apply them. It really grew my understanding of the Plan of Salvation and our purpose here on earth. Before we came here, we learned all of... everything I would imagine. Our spirit knows what we should do, but we are here on this earth to make that knowledge part of us. Life is hard, but as we go at it with gospel priciples in mind and a desire to grow and change, it will be so much more rewarding.

Until next week, love,

Elder Bartlett

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