Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Nov. 10, 2014

Hola Todo!

This week was fun! We had transfers on Monday morning, and Elder Sirrine was called up to Commodoro Rivadavia Centro. I am officially a junior companion!  My companion was supposed to be there that night, but didn't end up coming until Thursday night! Plus, my companion changed! I am now with Elder Chacon, a native of Argentina from San Juan. He is a little minion (despicable me)!! He speaks pretty good English.
Ushuaia district before Elder Sirrine left

I spent most of my week with the zone leaders and some other elders. I learned how to be active in my work and to be persistent! Every where we went, they talked to literally every person. Kiosk owners, taxi drivers, people on the street. When we went contacting, they refused to take no for an answer! They would work their way around, helping the people understand that the message we have will help them and their families.

My new companion is capo (boss). He loves to work, and is super good at teaching and contacting. He is not a fan of our area, though.

We were in a lesson yesterday with an investigator, and it was time to share something after they gave us some soup and empenadas to eat. I opened the scriptures and began to read, when all of a sudden their kids started having a fit! They were screaming and crying, keep in mind this house is no bigger than an average walk-in closet, and I had a very difficult time teaching. By the end I just wanted to leave, I figured it was pointless being there and that they didn't learn anything, but as we left, the hermana looked me in the eye and asked us to please come back when ever we could. I realized then that no matter how small it may seem, we were bringing a light to their lives that they didn't have before.

I would encourage all of you at home to try and share something about the gospel with someone you care about. Even if you don't notice it, their soul is receiving a small part of eternal truth that they know to be true, and it will enlighten them to some degree.

The world is a dark place these days. We must do our best to bring light to anyone we can! I love all of you, and I truly feel your prays everyday. I am rocking the Spanish with my new companion, and everyday I learn more and more. Until next week, stay amazing!

Love Elder Bartlett

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