Monday, August 18, 2014

Comodoro Rivadavia Ushuaia

Querido Todos,

Ushuia!! This place is amazing. It is very similar to Alaska, with a small town, lots of people up in the mountains, and an absolutely beautiful view the mountains and ocean. It is super muddy and cold and windy, but I think I'll stay. It's been snowing for the last couple of days, but that just made everything look 10x more amazing! I have been informed that Argentina is closing everything out, so I wouldn't bother trying to send mail or packages because they most likely won't make it. My only contact will have to be through email, so just keep your messages short and sweet!

So my adventure to get down here... Woke up Monday morning and traveled to the airport for a 5 hour flight to Atlanta, GA. Ate my last Chik'fil A (not actually sure how to spell that), called my mom, and got on another plane for 11 hours. I arrived in the Buenos Aires airport with no clue what anyone was saying! I just followed the other missionaries. We found a kind lady by the name of Martha, and she got us unto a bus to go to the Buenos Aires Temple! But, we didn't go inside because we didn't have time, we just stopped at the little temple hotel to get something to eat. Apparently the flight schedules were kind of weird because the pilots went on strike, so we left suddenly when our flight plans were finalized. Some of us went to a different airport than where we landed, and got on a plane to fly to Comodoro Rivadavia. Argentine plane food is the best! Alfajores, lemon cookies, crackers, and plenty of drinks. We landed, by the way it is now Tuesday night, and la familia Carter and the Mission President were there to greet us! Great people. I slept at the Carter's home, and ate my first empanada! Next day we had some training and facturas, which are delicious breakfast pastries, at the mission office/chapel. Around lunch, the trainers showed up and we ate massive amounts of ravioli. By this time, we had finished being interviewed by President Rogers, and we went into the sacrament room (can't remember the real name of that room), and we were assigned our trainers! I received Elder Sirrine from Draper, Utah, and was called to Ushuia, Monte Olivia. That night we got on a bus, and then got on and off buses and went through border crossings and slept and talked until it was Thursday night when we arrived at our pension (that's what they call missionary apartments) after a long wait for a taxi. I was exhausted, but arrived safe and sound.

Next day, I found out that I get to go hiking every day! We climbed up this big hill to go contacting and find a family that my companion has been teaching. We found a few people (everyone is super friendly and caring and just wants to talk your ear off, which is good, but I have no idea what they're saying), and got some to let us come back. The house we were looking for was empty, so we kept going further around the mountain. Through a neighbor, we were directed to la familia Diaz. We knocked, they let us in, and we talked. Well, my companion talked and I smiled. Next thing I know, I recognize that my companion is extending the invitation to be baptized, and this sister says YES! Crazy... So now we're working with her and her daughter. We planned to get them to church and teach them a lesson on Sunday, but both fell through. I really hope they eventually let us come back.

I'm going to try and get some pictures on here, but no promises. Also, I'm really bad about taking pictures, so I apologize.

1)Elder Sirrine 2) From our pension, the view below  3) Snow 4)Elder Sirrine

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