Monday, April 25, 2016

Rio Grande & Ushuaia Argentina

It has been awhile since I have written, and I apologize. I'm really trying to bob for all the apples I can get, and I don't feel like I have to time to take a breath!

I can't even remember what I wrote about the last time I did write... But I absolutely love the people here in Rio Grande. I love how God loves everyone of them. If we just open our hearts and look around, it isn't hard to see that God exists.

In other business not related to teaching, but very related to miracles, we went to Ushuaia this last week for district conference! I saw all the members from my first ward... our landlords, the Mena family. They are so sweet!  We slept in my old pension on the floor... can't say I miss being there, but the view is spectacular. It really was a last minute miracle that we even got there and then obtained food for 22 misionaries the night before the Sunday session.

I'd like to share a lesson on faith and grocery shopping. We went late after the Saturday session to buy noodles, hot dogs, and tomato sauce for the 22 missionaries that came with us from Rio Grande. The snow and wind was chilling us to our bones and the last bus for the night was no where in sight. We called for a taxi but no one answered. I said a silent prayer and waited. Wrong. We waited a long time. Nothing happened. Finally I decided we would either have to walk or go look for a taxi some other place. The moment I took a step, the bus showed up. Praying with faith requires action.

Other than that, we have lots of people progressing towards baptism! And not just progressing, but progressing in miraculous ways. I love the mission!

Once again, have to go! We'll see you all later!

Love, Elder Bartlett                               57 days remaining
In Ushuaia Argentina

Elder Bartlett & Elder Andreason

Ushuaia Argentina

Argentine Flag

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