Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Wintery Season

Hello Family and Friends,

Playa Union
I'm staying in Rawson with Elder Lyman! Surprisingly enough, it is colder here than in Ushuia when I got here a year ago. I think it is because the strong wind that blows in from the ocean.

It has been amazing to start to really put my heart into this work. I really feel for these people, and I am getting a small taste of how God loves each one of us. My eyes get watery more often, which is super un-manly, but a good sign I guess...

This week was transfers, and many missionaries are going down to Ushuia, one to my old area! Hopefully I will get good news from him. I am sick! Rawson just dropped about 20 degrees celsius one day and everyone here got sick. Yay...

We have some awesome people investigating the church. I can really see them getting baptized this transfer! They are all very interested in coming closer to Christ and their Father in Heaven. They amaze me with the questions and their desire and dedication.

Also, this week was Independence Day on the 9th for Argentina! Viva libertad!
Elder Bartlett

Love, Elder Bartlett

Some older pics near Rawson Argentina
Puerto Madryn

Gaucho Parade
Seals or Sea lions?

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